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July - September 1999

International Postal Rates just went up-including Global Priority Mail. See

Review copy rubber stamping seen on Handcuff Blues from Goofy Foot Press: "WOW! A Review Copy!"

The Para Publishing web site has been completely overhauled. We have some 500 pages of helpful resources. See for yourself at Why not link these resources from your site?

In 1998, the world's telephone systems carried more data than voice communications. And the Internet carried more email than the physical mail sent via the Postal Service.

To submit new books to, send the information to To make changes to your listing, use

When filling out the Advanced Book Information (ABI) Form for Books In Print, do not leave the "Primary Subject of Book" section up to Bowker. Check BIP and a librarian for the proper subject headings. You want your book to be found when people are searching BIP by subject.

27 Effective, Innovative, Creative, Fun (& Cheap) Ways to Sell More Books is free for a 55 cent SASE. Cathy Stucker, 27 Ways, 4646 Hwy 6, PMB 123, Sugar Land, TX 77478. 888-266-5888.

Letters to the Editor. One easy way to get publicity for your books is to write letters to the editor on current events where you can make a link to your book's topic. Sign your name and the title of your book. Do not stop at one; write similar letters to local newspapers, magazines and newsletters. Letters to the Editor are well read and can lead to book sales, invitations for spin off articles and speaking.

As a publisher, you have the authority to call any reprinting a "revision." When going back to press, you should always make corrections, add updates, assign a new ISBN and a new bar code. Then your book will be treated as frontlist, a new book, by the trade.

Carry your book with you when attending parties and events such as leads clubs. Your book is an attention getter, a conversation starter and it leads to sales.

Turn voice mail/answering machines to your advantage. When making follow-up calls to the media, be ready for the machine. Do not just ask for a call back-they won't. Instead use a script to give a quick, complete pitch for your book/subject. Thanks for this promotion idea from Kate Bandos of KSB Promotions.

BookZone will list your books in their SuperCatalog, complete with interactive, secure order form. They do not take any percentage of your sale, and will put in a link to your site, if you have one, or can create a site for you. Check for details. Normally $109-$209 for the first year and $39 each year thereafter, you save 15% on setup if you mention this newsletter.

Tie news releases into holidays and other predictable events. The media will be talking about the subject and looking for related material. See John Kremer's Celebrate Today and Chase's Annual Events for dates but use only the better-known events.

Get shipping supplies from the Post Office. Priority mail envelopes and boxes, Global Priority Mail envelopes, rubber bands, mail trays, bins and mail sacks are free from the Postal Service. Ask for them. If they are out, ask again.

Switching PO boxes takes time. We switched our box five years ago. We notified everyone and still a large portion of our mail arrives at the old box. The old box number is printed in over a million books.

Please send us your latest address, telephone and fax numbers. We are trying to keep up with the area code changes. Send to

Need help on your book? Whether you need a bar code, cover design, editing, fulfillment service, printer, legal help, audio duplication, etc., see our Web site and click on Suppliers. We get so many calls for recommendations, we made up a list.

When you see a friend's book in a bookstore, push the other books aside and turn it face out. This is just one way authors and publishers help each other.

Paste relevant reviews to the inside-cover of display copies of your books at book fairs. A review is a high-impact endorsement.

Hinged wire bookstands fold for shipping. The best deal we have found is from Barr Displays. Stand #47 folds out to 9.5" high and 5.24" wide. They run just $15.00/dozen. Call Barr at (800) 222-2702.

All of our Special Reports (paper) and Instant Reports (electronic) have been updated. Most of our free fax-on-demand Documents have been added to our web site.

The Irwin Book Promotion Awards are open for nomination. For an application call Ernie Weckbaugh (818) 842-4278.



Editorial. More and more, in industry after industry, customers are dealing directly with manufacturers. Distributors, wholesalers and stores are being bypassed. The Internet is making this direct selling possible. Web sites display the products inexpensively and email saves money over direct mail advertising. In 1998, 24% of companies sold their products on line. By 2000, the number will climb to 56%. Customers find products and their original source on the Web. Smaller, niche publishers are setting up informational boutique Web sites. This brings the author/publisher closer to the reader. Is this any way to run a publishing company? We think it is and we have been doing it for over 30 years.

Financial Feasibility in Book Publishing by Robert Follett presents a step-by-step method for evaluating the financial future of new book projects. Worksheets, guidelines, projection methods, rules of thumb and estimating methods with explanations help you decide whether your book will make money. 8.5 x 11, 64 pages $12.95. See our Web site.

Review books wanted on frugality, simplicity and money saving. A Penny Saved, Dian Rosener, PO Box 3471, Omaha, NE 68103-0471. Tel: 402-556-5655.

Selling Books to the Military Market by Michael Sedge gives you the inside track for reaching these 12 million people who spend over $10 billion annually. This one-of-a-kind, celebrated report has been completely updated. Full of details, addresses and resources. See Instant Report 637 on our Web site.

To multiply your exposure by getting informational columns published, you need to develop the succinct style of a professional journalist. For free tips call Charlotte Digregorio at 503-228-6649.

Want to know how many of your books Ingram has in stock? Call (615) 287-6803 and key in the ISBN. Just follow the voice prompts and you will get a voice count at each warehouse as well as the rate of sale. Don't you just love this technology?

Many Web site addresses connect without the "www." Try yours and see. To find who owns a URL, log on to

Our Book Promotion Mailing Lists work. For details and an unsolicited testimonial, contact Godfrey Harris at Harris/Ragan Management Group: 310-278-8037,

Road Race or Rat Race? Are you spinning your wheels or going around in circles trying to find a way to sell your books? Come to our Book Promotion Workshop in Santa Barbara to get your road map; we will show you the way. These Book Promotion Professional Development Courses in Santa Barbara are so popular they fill 6-8 weeks in advance. Our seminars are all about nonfiction book publishing, promoting, marketing and distributing. Dates are in the calendar section below. Limited to just 18 participants, $495. Call Pat at Para Publishing at (800) PARAPUB toll-free for a brochure with testimonials from some of our more than 900 graduates. (Document 167).

Price increase. The Book Promotion Workshops will cost more after January 2000.

Dan Poynter will be speaking: In addition to the Santa Barbara workshops, Dan is taking his book-marketing message on the road. Come and meet Dan or send someone from your staff. Call telephone numbers now for details. Dan will be speaking on:

July 17-18: Book marketing/promotion/distribution seminar in Santa Barbara with Dan Poynter. For details, contact Para Publishing, PO Box 8206-896, Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206. Tel: (805) 968-7277, Fax: (805) 968-1379.
July 21: How to Write and Publish Books, a seminar by Dan Poynter at the Learning Annex, Los Angeles. 6:30 to 9:30 PM. fmi (310) 478-6677.
August 17: How to Write and Publish Books, a seminar by Dan Poynter at the Learning Annex, Los Angeles. 6:30 to 9:30 PM. fmi (310) 478-6677.
August 28-September 2: Maui Writer's Retreat. Fmi: and see
September 3-6: Maui Writers Conference. Fmi: and see
September 22: How to Write and Publish Books, a seminar by Dan Poynter at the Learning Annex, Los Angeles. 6:30 to 9:30 PM. fmi (310) 478-6677.
October 14: International Coach Federation, Orlando, FL. Fmi: Cindy Reinhardt, 806-829-2105,
October 19: How to Write and Publish Books, a seminar by Dan Poynter at the Learning Annex, Los Angeles. 6:30 to 9:30 PM. fmi (310) 478-6677.
October 23-24: Book marketing/promotion/distribution seminar in Santa Barbara with Dan Poynter. For details, contact Para Publishing, PO Box 8206-896, Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206. Tel: (805) 968-7277, Fax: (805) 968-1379.
Dan Poynter also speaks on parachute topics and how to be an expert witness. Request his parachute and expert witness calendars. Want Dan to address your group? Request Document 136 for details.

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